Variable Geo

Variable Geo (ヴァリアブル・ジオ Variaburu Gio?) is a series of series of 18 fighting fighting games produced and released by Giga, and OVA and other works based on this series. Abbreviated names are "VARIOGIO", "VG", "VG", and so on.


It is a fighting fighting game which can be said that the PC, and the operation system is very unusual among PC - 9800 series. TGL who became the mother of caricature prints a work which fused RPG and fighting fighting game called "sword dancer" before giving out this work, and in this respect there was certain know-how on fighting fighting games.

Also, the adventure game was an unusual action game in the main adult game, and also the releasing of fighting type fighting game which was prevalent at the time of sale, the user was surprised with it. At the time adult game fighting type fighting game existed only about "Queen of Duelist" series (Agmix) and "Doll use" (Forest) other than this work, speaking of general personal computer personal computer Asuka 120% "series (Family Soft) etc. are very limited, and it is also a preliminary work of GALGERE fighting.

After the first work was released, it was transplanted to home game machines, it became OVA, and it was also released as an adventure game, showing various developments.

Timihiro Kimura of animator became a trigger to become popular. Afterwards in this series up to "ADVANCED VG 2", as a caricature work as this work as well as "the steam hearts" and "Harlem Blade ~ The Greatest of All Time. ~" Which were transplanted to the PC engine and original scenes of the visual scene I am working on. The original visual scene original of this work is based on collaborative work with Toru Yoshida and Kazuhiro Sasaki, senior at Anime Earl which he belonged to at the time. In collaboration with Yoshida who was appointed as director at the time of later OVA conversion, he is engaged in character design and drawing director.

After hits of PC version, "ADVANCED V.G." was released as a software for PC engine SUPER CD-ROM ², while thinning 18 elements and strengthening the story. The voice of each character belonged to Artsvision and was played by Kumiko Watanabe, Yuri Shiratori, Kae Araki and others as well as Yukana which was still a newcomer class at the time ("Yukana Nogami of the time"), Chiharu Teduka, Hekiru Shina and others.

Kenichi Matsuzaki is in charge of the scenario. Matsuzaki's appointment is largely involved with editorial production · peace sci-tech, which was editing personal computer game information magazine personal computer paradise. Treated as a crown article by PC paradise before and after release of PC version, after winning the trust of caricature from relationship that highly valued this work first work such as planning a movie consultation about PC engine transplant When asked to introduce Matsuzaki who had a connection with another book plan (car anthology comic for the general public). Matsuzaki, who was also a game fan, also undertakes this work with two responses. In addition, editing of the same comic anthology "V.G. MAX" and "V.G. Princess God" issued by caricature is also edited by Pease Cytec. In actual editing, Apple Pie, who was in charge of editing "V.G. Hime God" at the end of the comic paradise of PC, is responsible for freelance manga professional editor who had entered "V.G. MAX" at that time to Pease Scitech.

Story (V.G.)

"Valiable Geo" is a martial arts competition held once a year, sponsored by super multinational companies and Xiehua Group, to decide the strongest waitress. The total prize money is 1 billion yen. Companies affiliated with the athlete are given a prime location of the legend. It was a prize that we could not hope for the restaurant industry suffering from poor performance due to the depression of the recession.

There was no company expressing non-participation in this competition that started with one fax sent to each company from the Xiehua Group, which was once annually a regular, but still counting 3 times since holding There were no winners from participating companies, and Raymi · Xie Hua, the general manager of the Xiehua Group, remained in that honor.

And the fourth meeting will be held ... ....



OVA series released from KS. All three volumes.


VG, it is a fighting competition that decides the strongest waitress. Yuka Takeuchi challenges VG to find the disappearing Satomi.


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